Results Oriented Mediation

Settling your lawsuit is a top priority. Few people want to take their case to trial. And most shouldn’t have to. My career has been spent assessing and resolving complex, emotionally charged lawsuits. Many of these cases involve claims of police misconduct (excessive force, unlawful arrest, etc.), wrongful death, catastrophic injury, and severe emotional trauma—serious issues that deserve serious consideration and analysis. As a full-time mediator, I give each case every ounce of time, effort and attention you would expect. And then some. From day one, until it’s done. You deserve nothing less for allowing me the opportunity to serve you. Read on to learn what working together looks like.

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"The entire legal profession – lawyers, judges, law professors – has become so mesmerized with the stimulation of the courtroom that we tend to forget that we ought to be healers of conflicts. For many claims, trials by adversarial contests must in time go the way of the ancient trial by battle and blood. Our system is too costly, too painful, too destructive, and too inefficient for a truly civilized people."
-Chief Justice Warren E. Burger


Mediation is the evolution of litigation.


We Define the Problem.

Mediation allows us to become a problem-solving team, everybody working towards the same goal: a settlement that will allow the parties to move forward with their lives. My process facilitates conversations the parties are finding difficult to have directly, in order to identify and overcome barriers to settlement.

We Connect the Dots.

I bring decades of experience in a variety of legal issues to every mediation. (See more on my About page.) This experience provides helpful perspective and facilitates meaningful communication and strategic negotiation. Which in turn propels the conversation forward. We explore the details of your case in order to “connect the dots” and assess potential outcomes.

We Find a Solution.

By helping parties communicate effectively about their issues, disputes can be resolved quickly and to the mutual satisfaction of those involved. Unlike a trial or arbitration, mediation does not produce “losers”. Instead, mediated agreements often favor all parties—the proverbial “win-win”.

With the Flexibility You Want.

As an independent mediator, I can meet the particular circumstances and needs of your situation, whether that be timing, cost, location or other variables, and tailor the process to help reach the best solution possible




I mediate a wide range of state and federal claims, in all stages of litigation, to help parties avoid the high costs, uncertainty and emotional burden of trial.

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Online Mediation

Online mediation is safe, convenient and effective. As a Certified Online Mediator, I am dedicated to providing a familiar and dependable experience–on par to mediating in person.

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Case Evaluation

An objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of a case with the goal of helping to position the case toward the desired outcome.

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Neutral Case Management

Neutral case management services to minimize the time and expense incurred to exchange information necessary for productive negotiations. 

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“I highly recommend Jason as a mediator. Mutual clients tell me he is a fantastic mediator, and I personally know him to be a great guy.”


Keith Kubik, Kubik Mediation Group

“Jason is a thoughtful, hard-working and effective mediator. He does not give in when a settlement looks difficult–even impossible–to achieve. Two of the most important characteristics of an effective mediator are preparation and follow-through, and Jason is terrific at both.”


Mark Wilner, Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell LLP

“Jason has my highest recommendation. He gets difficult cases resolved in a timely manner, allowing people to go forward with their lives.”


Bill Pickett, The Pickett Law Firm.

“Jason mediated two cases that seemed unlikely to settle without his efforts. As a mediator, he intrinsically connects with people on both sides of an issue, and introduces creative ideas to bridge the gap.  I recommend Jason and look forward to working with him again.”


Thomas B. Nedderman, Floyd, Plueger & Ringer, P.S.

“Every case I’ve mediated with Jason has resulted in an agreement to settle.”


Dan L. Johnson, Law Offices of Shahin Karim (USAA)

“I used Mr. Rosen for a challenging case and found him to be well prepared, knowledgeable, compassionate, and invested in reaching a resolution.  I would not hesitate to recommend him for future mediations.”


Lori Bemis, McGavick Graves, P.S

“Jason has mediated several cases for me and all were successful in resolving.  Jason really works hard to find common ground for the parties. Jason brings a calm, reassuring presence to the mediation. I look forward to mediating cases with him in the future.”


Miklos “Mick” Pusztai, Park Chenaur & Associates, Inc., P.S.

“I recommend Jason as a mediator. He is a pleasure to work with and does a great job. I really appreciate that he takes the time to reach out in advance of the mediation, review all the materials and works tirelessly to get your case resolved.”


Jennifer Cannon-Unione, Dixon & Cannon, Ltd.