James “Skip” Sommer

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 Just Call Me “Skip”!

“He was born silly and had a relapse”
– Arthur Baer


There is an old Russian saying on the island of Paramushir, “As you cooked the porridge, so must you eat it”. The young boy whom the locals called… “справедливый волос лайка засада” (fair haired kid who gets in the way) never understood its inherent wisdom.

As the son of a prominent Scottish Pastry Chef and a Balinese Puffin trainer, Skip never felt completely at home in the windswept, barren fishing villages of the Kuril Archipelago.

Ever since his family landed in Utyosnaya Bay after a freak storm sent their traveling Persian rug framing business off course, Skip would spend many a long afternoon weaving old fishing nets into creative macramé coffee mug holders in the shadow of Mount Chikurachki while dreaming of a life as a graphic designer and artist.

The only outlet for his creativity consisted of painting unusual ship markings on the bows of fishing boats, until one day when he found himself a stowaway in a cargo of black market fish balls being smuggled to the United States by the Cypriot leisure food cartel. Skip was on his way to America and his dream…


James “Skip” Sommer

Actually, Skip studied commercial and fine art in college. He also spent some time as an Art Director for a graphic design firm in the late 80’s.

Spending the majority of his life creating art and expressing his creativity through a multitude of medias. Skip tries to remember that every day he can create is a blessing.

Born in Alameda, California, Skip currently lives in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area with his two children and fiancé.